Thursday, 21 May 2015

Predicting Semi 2

I'm finding Semi 2 very difficult to call. I genuinely think there's about 13 or 14 songs that 'should' qualify, based on a combination of song, performance and voting patterns. Obviously three or four of those have to miss out, so let's see what I can call.

Definitely qualifying:
1. Sweden. Because lol, obv.

Almost definitely qualifying:

2. Azerbaijan
3. Norway
4. Cyprus - I have Cyprus as my Top 3 bet, and I do think it could happen, particularly in the semi-final with this draw.

Probably qualifying:
5. Malta - my fifth most likely to qualify, but not likely to come 5th. An almost definite 9th, I'd say (see my betting article for reasons why)
6. Slovenia - I have a little bet on this to possibly miss out. I don't think it'll happen, but it was worth it with odds of 7 for the potential return.
7. Israel

On the borders:
8. Latvia - fingers very crossed, but I'm worried
9. Poland - only making it through because of the very kind draw.
10. Lithuania

Just missing out, but would/could/should make it in any other semi-final:
11. Iceland
12. Ireland
13. Montenegro

And the ones missing out:
14. Czech Republic - I had a bet on this to come last; based on rehearsal reports it probably isn't happening, but it still really could - two people from a country nobody knows or likes just shouting at each other for three minutes.
15. Switzerland
16. San Marino - avoiding last place for the Malta reasons above.
17. Portugal

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