Thursday, 21 May 2015

Predicting part two

On Tuesday I said:

Albania and Macedonia are most certainly out.

So yeah.

Anyway I did get 8/10. Not sure if that will happen tonight as I really think it's Sweden + just about any of the others.

However, I'm going to daringly use my phrasing from Tuesday and say: Portugal and San Marino are most certainly out.

Here is the vote I did in the press centre the other day:

I was in a bit of a strange mood, I think.  While I don't completely disagree with myself, I do think I was being a tad harsh on Norway, whose first rehearsals were very underwhelming and I still wonder if viewers might bore of it before the final chorus kicks in, especially during the awkward walking bit.

Montenegro has its fans, and I am starting to suspect that it will have enough of them to sneak in even though there aren't a great deal of obvious friends there.

Iceland is another odd one. She sings it pretty awfully and for me it's a huge non-song. But other people are clearly seeing and hearing something I'm not. Despite this I'll stick to my instinct that it will go the way of Denmark, meaning both Nordics will lose their 100% qualification record since the inception of the two-semi system.

I was having similar doubts about Latvia as with Belgium in semi one, but as Europe was discerning enough to vote Loic through, I'll hope the same happens tonight with Aminata.

Potential shock? Slovenia remains my favourite song this year, but it has been quite lacking in rehearsals and I don't know. I'm a little worried for it.

So I'll go for the following ten, in decreasing order of certainty:

This means I've dropped Ireland and Switzerland since the press centre prediction. From the point of personal preference, I hope that I was right then and wrong now.

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