Thursday, 21 May 2015

Poolside predicaciónage, part dos

Today has mostly been spent chasing the rays of sun between the ever-moving clouds, and as a big one (cloud, not ray) just came along, this seem as good a time as any to try to do some predicting.

Very pleased with my nine correct guesses on Tuesday, and even somewhat considered putting Hungary, the only one I got wrong (instead of Macedonia), in after seeing the performance, so no big shocks really. Particularly since the other two I was very unsure of beforehand (Serbia and Albania) convinced me during the show. So let's see if I can do as well today!

The obvious
1 Sweden | Surely it's winning tonight - and presumably also on Saturday.

The battle for second place
2 Azerbaijan | My favourite song (for the third year running, and I still haven't received my bribe-money! I call scam!), and even though rehearsal reports haven't been hugely promising, it should definitely qualify with ease, and presumably also get a relatively good result.
3 Slovenia | Speaking of not-too-promising rehearsal reports... It's still a song contest though, and this is a damn good one, so I'm confident. Never saw it as an actual winning candidate though.
4 Norway | I've always found its main strength (alongside the beautiful melody, obvs) the way it has some very distinctive parts that all go well together and building a "story" that keeps you interested and focused all through, and the camerawork in MGP, which I understand has been largely kept, underlined that.

Should be fine
5 Latvia | I've had my doubts about this all season, particularly in the televote, but even if it more or less fails there, I assume (enough of) the juries will adore it sufficiently.
6 Israel | Similar doubts here, although opposite regarding jury vs. televote, but it seems they got it right in underlining the harmless and fun nature of the song. I'm not keen myself, but I like that it's there.
7 Lithuania

8 Cyprus | My initial instinct was "should be a qualifier", but has drifted away more and more for me, and I'd more or less decided it'd fail. Seems most disagree though, so I've re-changed my mind yet again... Peer pressure, you say?
9 Montenegro | Obviously won't do anything in the final if it gets there - not exactly Željko's best work... It's 'nice', isn't it.
10 Switzerland | Should be a no, but somehow might just do it...

11 Ireland | Have had this as a qualifier all along, just waiting for everyone else but me and Ron to realise how nice it is, but seems people just won't...
12 Czech Republic
13 Poland
14 San Marino | lolz
15 Malta | Should be dead last, but I'm guessing they'll have some jury favours sorted out.
16 Iceland | Why would anyone that isn't a Nordic televoter vote for this? Dull, screechy and utterly unnecessary.
17 Portugal | Well, *I* love it, at least... :-(

Enjoy the semifinal, everyone!

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