Friday, 9 May 2014

The morning after the night before

Well, if there was ever a time when you could have said Eurovision is all but predictable! The shocking elimination of Israel, the even more shocking elimination of Lithuania (third year in a row they have screwed me over) and the magical aligning of the stars and planets helping the Romanians clean their act up just in time for the live show.

Just moments after the show was over we already started hearing rumours that Belarus had decided not to broadcast Conchita's performance and would therefore be disqualified leaving a window open for possibly Israel (who everyone assumes must have come 11th) to qualify. These turned out to be just whispers in the wind and after contacting a couple of Minsk residents, confirmation was given that their national station did in fact show the Austrian song and there is no reason for them to be removed from the top 10.

Which leaves us to upcoming final dress rehearsal. A very strong mix of songs but many strong entries singing right at the end of the show. Could this have an adverse impact on the show - would people start getting fed up of the line-up by the time their favourite entries start being sung at in the late teens? Thankfully we have Austria at 11th and Sweden at 13th which should help keep the audience alive. Ukraine starts the show in a very strange twist. Would not have thought they would open with this but then again it is very eye catching and could work well to ensure people stay glued to their screens for the whole thee-and-a-half hours.

With four minutes to go before the start of the rehearsal, this means just enough time to go grab a coffee, make myself comfortable and get ready to flex my fingers in order to bring you the essence of what is going on!

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