Friday, 9 May 2014

1st Dress Rehearsal - 2014 Final (Pre-Songs)

Seems like we have not seen the intro video since the feed started, then went to a white screen. I believe there must be something in the middle.

And we're off! On the stage is a bunch of dancers each carrying a big flag in their hands, the flags of the competing nations. Trying to establish if it is only the 26 finalists or if it is all the entries this year. I believe it is the former.

"Europe! Are you ready to JoinUs!" is bellowed by the male announcer.

The singers are invited one by one on stage - a better concept than last years' catwalk which took forever. The nations are being introduced as "Song number ... Name of country in English, Name of Country in French, Name of country in national language (with Danish accent)".

They were going in time quite well but we see that there was an error and Poland being announced saw the Greek representatives emerge onto the stage, while the Poles came out for the announcement of La Grèce. We are now stopped until it gets fixed. Will they start it over again?

And yes, they start again from the introduction of the 26 nations. This time Poland and Greece come out at the right time.

After the entrance of the final participant, Molly from the UK, the three presenters come on stage to wish us the traditional "Good Evening Europe!". Pilou decides to talk some Chinese keeping in touch with the youtube clip of him wanting to promote China. This bit is in order to inform us that it is not only a European show but a worldwide sensation.

We move on to a video of a typical Danish family celebrating at the dinner table in order to show that they are the happiest country in the world - and that they have never been happier than they are tonight.

Lise reminds us in English that you are allowed to vote up to 20 times but unfortunately not allowed to vote for your country. Nikolaj informs us of the same however this time in French.

"Let the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, begin!"

And we're off with the postcard for Ukraine.

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