Friday, 9 May 2014

And thats why...

I don't tend to do predicitions. Yesterdays semifinal just screwed up everything I thought I knew about how people see and listen to music. Israel out?? I was astounded and a bit pissed off.
Other than that the second semifinal was a miracle when it comes to glam, lights and everything gala. Great music, not so great music and even a bit of australian exotica, wich one of my chairneighbours referred to as aubergine leading to a total collaps into laughter that kept going til the end of the night.
Euroclub was packed and we were happy.

On another note, our streak with strangeties about buses here in Copenhagen, magiacally seems to have vanished over night. Yesterday and today everything went as smooth as Teos face look on the beardfree areas.

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