Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Rehearsals1 SF2 (Part 1)

Strange as it might be starting Semi 2 just moments after the last song of Semi 1 but that is what is happening. So here we move on to the next lot of 15 songs starting with...

OK, so again, I know I may be seen as biased since this is my home nation but in all fairness I think it is a good entry, not just because of where it represents but just because I really think it is. The selfies did show but they do not seem to be showing many. Could it be because of the "quality" of the faces? We do not know. The background though seems to be a desert scenery scape - my interpretation of it anyway. Blue at the top to represent sky and then sand colours flowing down. The selfies make appearances in the boxes every now and then but as already mentioned, didn't see many of them.

Vocally they were good. Only Richard and Michelle really seemed to be doing anything in the first round, maybe the other guys will start being more into it as the rehearsals go along. You can follow the Maltese entry's facebook page (and some of their funny pics) here.

Run two: And yes, all members of Firelight now seem to be involved. Richard doesn't always look at the camera but that may be on purpose. Oh wait, just saw a bit more detail of the background and it is a field!! It first had wheat and then something that looks like poppies and flowers. The band stays static for most of the song until the last chorus where Richard takes the mic in hand and walks a few steps to the front of the stage. Will it make it to the final? Probably, meaning a third qualification in a row for the George Cross island.


One that we've been looking forward to. With such fanwanking going over this song it needs to deliver. And well, starting off unfortunately it didn't. Camera starts from the back of the stage and zooms into Mei who is quite hard to see in the beginning. Vocally it starts a bit weak but it could be that Mei is just saving her voice. Vocals seem to be much lower than backing track which makes her quite hard to hear in the verses. We are pleased to announce though that the strut is there! Yes, Mei and her two fierce dancers are there showing Eurovision fans accross the globe how it's done.

Hebrew part again sounded a bit weak but that could all change like we have seen so many times in these Eurovision rehearsals so please, no screaming of "Oh my God! What is she doing?!" It will probably all be fine on the night (note: Chanée & N'Evergreen). For the bridge, Mei et al. lie on their backs and spring up for the chorus. Waiting now for the next runs to see what was missed before.

Run two: And the volume on the lead mic has been increased so Mei doesn't sound as lost as she did before - in fact, she sounds quite good now. And she uses the catwalk, followed by her ladies in leather. Visually though its still a bit all over but it still seems to work for me. Not sure though if Europe will agree - as I said in my wild prediction, this will probably qualify but I don't think it will go far on Saturday night.

Run three: And this is still as good as the previous round. There is a few new camera angles for some parts but vocally still sounding quite good. Noticed however that the backing dancers do not seem to be totally in sync and Mei is not in sync with them, but that is just timing which is easily fixed.

Mei signing various items for the gathered press.

So, the podium that Albania used yesterday seems to not be a one-country-set. There are four female violin players for Carl and they all fit on it.

We start with a close-up of the keys on the piano which is being played. It is not just the podium which Norway has in common with Albania, also the dry ice which is creating the mood on the stage floor. Carl is standing with mic in hand and well, keeping to that for the entire three minutes. After the end of the first chorus, you see the girls in the back walking up the podium and they then become the focus of the shot once the violin becomes noticable in the music. Vocally it is okay, but not much there. We have heard that Carl actually had to take this as Vacation from his real job as painter-decorator (not like we would know what THAT is like would we?) and  I think he could probably fit in some shifts for Friday and Saturday if he wanted to. As much as I would like to say this is going to the final, I just don't see it happening. Yes songs like this have made it in the past but we are in this years' strong semi and therefore you need to have something special to be noticed. Coming after Malta and Israel and so close to the start of the show does not help - and having the mess which is Georgia after you will not be in their favour.

 Carl takes a litte nap during Meet and Greet
 Cousin Josefin - Author and Composer
They might actually be the sweetest duo I've seen so far

Oh how I was waiting for Georgia! If there was one country which I understood less than I do Russia it was this. And they do not disappoint. Cue guy drumming an oil drum and who is also btw strapped to a parachute which is open above. He might be the same guy as in the video which then starts doing those tai-chi moves. He also does them on stage but not sure if he is one-in-the-same. Mariko is good vocally but this is such a mess she cannot save it if she had all the sim-cards in the world.

The best thing of this is the acid-induced shots which just add to the wierdness of it all. The song stops with dead silence - and yes, it is probably what will be happening in living rooms accross the continent where people try to ask themselves if what they just witnessed actually happened or did someone put something in their drink of choice. I know Europeans have had some strange likes which have allowed undeserving entries through to a final, but GPB should have saved the expense and tried harder next year instead.

Let's see how many more runthroughs are needed before we start to appreciate this song... 

Lots of people love to hate this but me being the simple thing that I am LOVE IT! There are elements of the preview in the set and we are happy to see butter-churning and clothes-washing are still popular tasks in Poland - popular enough to be on the Eurovision stage. Vocally maybe not the best entry we have seen but there are enough distractions and good WTF moments to safely say this might actually do well just for the fun variety of it (did I mention I am a dreamer?). I need to see this repeatedly in my life and can already see it being my guilty pleasure of the year. Can't wait for run two already!

And OMG! Round two is even better than round one! *splurt* This is the best song ever to finish a day of rehearsals! Twirling Slavic Girls, suggestive semi-pornographic butter-churning, good music and decentish vocals... what more could a Eurovision fan want?!?!

Oh, btw, Donatan is not anywhere to be seen apart from on the backdrop wall. And this could only get better by the girl washing clothes rincing them above her plump assets. Can not find any single thing wrong with this!

And there you have it, that was it for today! We shall be back tomorrow for another thrilling day of rehearsals and 'meet and greets' and hopefully random pictures which would not be shown on an official Eurovision or artist website.

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  1. Who was this guy translating Polish meet&greet? too fat for this t-shirt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_W0M8UfJp8