Thursday, 9 May 2013

The hairy side of Malmö

After a slight lie-in, in part due to Irish generosity, and during skippage of this morning's rehearsals, I decided it was time to test out other local industries than just those involving liquids of various kinds - the hairdressers. We do our utmost to get to know our host cities here at ESC Nation, you see! Alternatively, my mane had gotten unflatteringly fluffy.

I'd done my research and discovered a suitable establishment just around the corner from our apartment, and set out on my quest. Only to be met by a locked door... Off to the next one a block away, and it was closed too - is Thursday the official resting day of Swedish hairdressers, or what?! Thankfully, the area of Malmö where we're staying is densely dotted with immigrant style mini-hairdressers (not midgets, sadly) with horrendous signs on the outside, so eventually settled for that, and had a bit of an awkward and language-confused encounter with a bored-looking girl and the Arabic-speaking hairdresser.

"Can I get a haircut?"
[Blank stare]
"Can I get a haircut?"
[Blank stare]
"Ehm, cut my hair...?"
"Well, yes..."
"Är du dansk?"

Erm, thanks? He eventually did his duty to my satisfaction, though, and it all ended well. Especially since I got a nice big bucket of dispenser coke at Burger King right after. OMNOM

In an ironic twist, Margaret Berger is now performing the ass off I feed you my love, forcing my neck hair up - but it's gone! :-(


  1. Were they checking if you were Danish, so they could decide whether or not to do a bad job?

  2. Did you get a "snagging"? :)

    1. Oh, forgot about that! :-D But no :(

  3. It's a Swedish holiday today!

  4. There are those that will, very agressively, get their hair but before going on the trip. I won't say any names.

    Also, you do seem a bit too cool to be danish, or even danske.