Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday morning rehearsals, part 1 (rolling blog)

Quite impressed at myself for being up and about and in relatively fine shape at this hour after last night's Belarussian party, where we were treated with drinks in a wide variety of colours and shapes, nice niblets (on plates with a wineholder - always a success!), lots of performances, milk sweets and, well, milk sweet paper. But here I am! And even had some nice eye contact with a local pwetty on the crowded train - a good start of the morning, and a fine set-up to the first rehearsals of the automatic finalists.

Some issues with picture and sound (and the coordination of the two, most of all) in the press centre so far, but from what we can see, the Spanish singer has draped herself in a little yellow (very yellow) number, and unless they want to try out a few different outfits, I'm guessing this will indeed be what she's wearing on Saturday. And it looks good - it matches the ceiling lamps (that are mainly used to illustrate the flags before each performance, not the condom ones) and gives a nice effect.

The stage is generally in blue (again), but somewhat warmer in feel than the likes of Norway. The focus is on the lead singer, with the band standing around in the back, playing their instruments. There's a bit in the song where she's out on the satellite stage, with one of the aforementioned yellow lamps lowered all the way down with her, and then sending it off upwards - it looks a bit crap for now, but it's still an early rehearsal, so I'm assuming this will look pretty neat in the end.

In all its annoying blandness, this looks much better than I'd ever thought it would - will they manage an astonishing 23rd place or something?! :-o

A new run-through, and it appears the lowered lamp is supposed to be turned off (i.e. white) at first, amidst other, blue ones. Her touching the single lamp makes it shine up in bright yellow before it sets off, and there's a very nice shot of the hall as it joins its lamp friends, and they all turn yellow. Looks great!

More yellow! Scribbly shapes on the backdrop that seem to turn more fire-y as the song goes along - think last year's logo design.

Amandine looks pretty much how we feel... Was she at the Belarussian party last night too? On second thought, she clearly wasn't, as she's throwing herself about quite a bit. The performance is definitely about her, which is probably exactly the right thing to do. There's three backing singers too, but they don't make much of a fuss about themselves. No props, no choreography (unless her random headbanging (and other-bodypart-banging (I should probably calm down with the brackets now)) is actually carefully planned and choregraphed), just her being angry - it works fairly well in all its Frenchness, but I can't see this being a massive vote-grabber. Do you?

It's sparkly. Very sparkly. Natalie is dressed in a skin-coloured (RACIST) dress covered in shiny bits, and with a little tail of some flairy fabric. Originally not sure about the tail, but it somehow adds a little extra whoosh. She starts off on the stairs like before, and luckily, it is indeed the version with the punchy instrumental breaks. I've completely lost track of which is which (was that the Echo one?), but it's definitely the best choice.

She gets down the stairs during the glo-oh-oh-oh bit for some nice strutting about on the stage, before heading for the catwalk, ending up at the satellite stage at the end, and it works very well. Like Yami so nicely put it - it's like the catwalk was made with this song in mind. Keep an eye out for tripping during her strut, though - the dress-tail looks dangerously close to tangle up her legs on several occasions. This could be fun!

This is already looking in great shape, even after just two runs. Probably partly because there's not much new here - the stage is in pink and purple with flashing lights at the right times, and once again, she's really selling it and looking like she has the time of her life. And with that look on her face, some bad notes here and there won't matter a jot, at least not for the average televoter. Not that I could spot any so far!

Now we're basically just anxious to see whether some dishy pyro is added in the final run-through...

No pyro yet, but she's kicked her glittery shoes off, for some reason. When did this happen?

Still no shoes, but the pyro is on - some nice, little sparkly ones as the first instrumental kicks in, and falling from the ceiling all through the catwalk bit. Doesn't add as much as I'd thought - maybe it was just very good already? I've placed a nice each-way bet on it, at least - I wouldn't advise against the rest of you doing the same, before the odds drop...

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