Sunday, 12 May 2013

I've seen them all! *

And I think this is going to be a very, very good Eurovision.

There's a lot of good singing - partly thanks to having plenty of good vocalists around, but mostly thanks to the good sound mix. Where in recent years the microphones seemed to emphasise every tiny vocal mistake, this year's sound editors somehow make voices sound a lot more like a studio version. The stage is great for TV, and with a few exceptions (notably Malta) it supports the act and doesn't distract from it. And as Martin has reported, Petra is promising quite the entertainment.

The rehearsals have done nothing to change my mind about what's more likely to win (I still think it's Germany or Azerbaijan), but my semifinal thoughts have changed a bit. Whereas I had previously thought Albania and Montenegro are absolute no-hopers, I now think they're within a chance to qualify (the latter being more likely). And if there's a "shock" non-qualifier (and there won't necessarily be one), my bet would be on Serbia.

And if there's one thing I learned in my time in the press centre, is that one should beware of electrical children.

Also, Swedish cardamon buns are omnomnomnimazing.

* Well that's a lie. I've seen only 38. Thanks to Belarussian wine, gremolata and plenty of Moira Starface moments last night, I've missed Spain this morning


  1. I think I'll just stay away from *all* children, to be sure.

  2. You guys are great! I've just found your blog, being an AKOE refugee and thanks to my doctor signing me off from work with bronchitis (quite bad actually, but every cloud has a Eurovision-lining), and am loving your comments and humour. I've spent all afternoon catching up with EVERYTHING you've written since 3 May and you'll be THE place I turn to for the rest of the week. Have a wonderful time in Malmö.