Sunday, 12 May 2013

Fika fika fika fika...

These were the exact words Martin were humming as he skipped down the press centre. The reason for this joyful reaction was that a few tables full of various Swedish cookies had been set up in a corner here for us a short while ago! Lots of cute, old coffee cups too, it felt just like visiting old grandma Ragnhild up in Sundsvall or something. A sweet surprise!

The top right one is actually the official ESC cookie, no less! We're not quite sure what it is, but it's crumbly, at least. To such an extent I managed to crumble it all over myself and my laptop, rather than into my preferred orifice. But the crumbs tasted delicious! My favourite was the ball on the top, though, the negerboll. We won't translate that for you.


  1. hahahaha negerboll, eg døyr! på alle måtar

    1. Eg døyr òg. Mest fordi eg åt både min boll og Sam sin. Relativt mektig...