Saturday, 18 May 2013

Since everyone else is categorising...

...I'll do the same. Here's a guess as to how things might pan out tomorrow night - some of it is playing the percentages and the logic game, then there's a few speculative punts in there too. See what you think!

In no particular order within each category...

1st-5th: Denmark, Greece, Italy, Azerbaijan, Iceland
6th-10th: Germany, Russia, Georgia, Romania, Moldova
11th-15th: Ukraine, Estonia, Netherlands, Hungary, Norway
16th-20th: Sweden, Finland, Malta, Armenia, Ireland
21st-26th: France, Lithuania, Belgium, Spain, Belarus, United Kingdom


  1. I so hope The Netherlands will be the unexpected winner...

    1. I agree. It's the best song by far. The only *good* one actually.
      And I hope France does well.

      My personal choice would be : NL, FR, GR, UK (in that order).

  2. Switch Iceland with Ukraine, then Sweden with Hungary, and Netherlands with Moldova. Your prediction will make sense. My taste is quite different though.

  3. Iceland will not be in the top 5 for sure. Last year, the same speculation was done since their song was perfect but finished as 20th. He might have a good result tonight but not for top 5 obviously.

    I can replace him by either Norway, Russia or Ukraine this year. Yet I believe these three country will come in a respective place such like being 5th 6th and 7th.

    I personally don't care about Sweden's result as I don't like Robin, after Meldoifestivalen has chosen him instead of Yohio.

    And finally, the things I'm sure the most are, Romania will impress juries well and United Kingdom will be in bottom 5 unfortunately.

  4. I believe Norway and Netherlands will be in the top 10. Romania I can't see higher than 15 at the very best. More or less I agree with the rest..Iceland included.

  5. There are so many good countries this year!

    Sweden, Moldova, Iceland, Germany, Ireland...

    Best of luck to Bonnie though! Come on UNITED KINGDOM!