Saturday, 18 May 2013

Malmö prepares you for every result

This befuddled car has been parking in the Triangeln area of Malmö is as clueless as we are, but at least it admits it.

I'd head plenty of warnings about Malmö before arriving here. "It's a shithole", "a ghetto", "stay in Copenhagen/Lund/Hamburg or regret it", etc. etc.

I've witnessed none of this. No, I haven't received any freebies to say this (except maybe some fika and lots of tap water) - but Malmö is actually a really nice place! Here are some reasons:
  • People are very friendly, and not in the annoying way. That goes for both random people at the street and Eurovision staff. The security people were always apologetic when they asked me to empty my bottle. And cars always stop for me when I approach the road (that felt weird - crossing a road in Stockholm, or back home for that matter takes forever).
  • It's a tasty city. You can get food from various cuisines for quite cheap (especially Middle Eastern) next to the yumsy Swedish pastries.
  • The trains are purple and are called Pågatåg. I want to live in them.
  • I felt very safe - any time of day or night - even in the neighbourhood that has some kind of reputation for not being so.
  • It was just the right size for Eurovision - and it was everywhere. The random supermarkets playing the official CD, the churches advocating schlager (what?) and the EuroCafé blasting out its music to much of the city. EuroCafé is the best in years, too!
  • Most importantly, there's a lot of hot people in here (thanks, Bosnian immigration?)
Enjoy tonight, we know we will!


  1. You forgot to mention pwetty neighbour on balcony across from the kitchen window.

  2. THANK YOU! /en Malmöbo

  3. Fika = coffee break (source, my Swedish girlfriend). And you've been in Sweden for how long???

  4. As a resident in Malmö I must tell you that it has been really great to have you ESC-people here in Malmö. I miss you already. It has been great fun with all the ESC-activities in town and people from a lot of countries coming here. Now the town will feel so empty and even the weather has turned bad. Today sunday it´s raining. Most people I have talked with here in Malmö have all been very positive about the ESC. Many have visited some of the activities in town, especially the ESC village, or bought tickets to one of the shows in Malmö arena. Next year I hope the ESC will be in Copenhagen. So it will be close for us in the south of Sweden.

  5. Although I stayed in Copenhagen I have to agree was pleasently surprised with Malmo after hearing some negative things before I went. Perhaps I will stay in Malmo next year when attending Copenhagen!