Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Day 3 of first rehearsals - Denmark to Moldova


From funny in a bad way, to funny in as good a way as possible. I really liked this performance! There was a big white wall with doors being opened and closed with funny/colourful/suggestive things happening, in a true retro kind of farce spirit. A big cheer from the press centre!


There was laughter in the press centre when the male dancer came running with his arms open towards the female dancer. It looked funny, and not in a good way. Julia, wearing something bright and puffy, is on a green "volcano", which actually looks all right when there is some kind of lightning effect that reflects on it.

The running was a little different second and third time around, but still funny.


White sails and white flags on and a mainly blue stage, nothing unexpected from the first run though (that we get to see).

In the second run Denmark is pretending to be a chilly country in the north (fake snow). In my world, Denmark is basically southern Europe, you're not fooling me! ;)

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