Monday, 1 May 2017



Initial relief that they have dropped the national final performance.

Svala is looking less agressive, dressed in white with a cape. It's essentially the white version of Tamara's red net curtain from yesterday. Odd floral leggings though, which possible are not part of the final outfit.

Some nice graphics and lighting, but overall maybe a tad dark. And camera work not very tight yet.

Like so many others, no sign of the backing singers. Svala looks a bit lonely.

This is one of my favourite songs, but this is all very pedestrian.


Black and white lighting, the weird foot-tapping dance, the bridesmaids, the sax, it's all as you'd expect.

In a dramatic twist, one of the bridesmaids turns into a bride!

(Edit: Later run-throughs they were all in full bridal get up)

Epic Sax Guy get plenty of the focus of cameras, which is obviously a good move. Images of the boys themselves doing the dance on the back screens. It's cheesy, it's not groundbreaking, but it's fun.

They also have enough choreography to distract from the repetitiveness of the actual song. Lining up, twirling around. Left, two, three, four, right, two, three, four.  And before one of the last chorus they have a couple of seconds of silence and freeze their poses, which oddly adds something.


Animals, animals everywhere. The backdrop has a number of animals on it, a deer, panther, dog and dolphin. And at the end the word FREEDOM. For no apparent reason.

Kasia is in white, there's also a violinist on stage.

Oh there are doves too. All the animals. Vocally this is fine apart from an unnecessarily long last note.


She's on a plinth, There are topless boys. She's behind a hologram thingy which makes her look a bit like she's in box.

The topless boys splash about in some water. And touch each other a bit.

Demy is singing adequately and looking great in a beige ("nude"?) dress.

At one point the hologram shows what possible is meant to be Demy underwater, but just looks a bit odd. Overall this looks good though, some lovely yellow lighting at one point. Will be a nice contrast to Portugal coming before.

Good morning!

I'm just about ready for another day.

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