Monday, 1 May 2017



Hmm. Were we expecting too much?

This is nice and it's competent and Artsvik sings well and finds cameras and doesn't look too angry, but it was missing something special on the first run. Let's see what we get next. They must have something more up their sleeve, surely.

Again, the stage seems really empty. She has two dancers with her and that's it. The moves are sharp and there is some lovely purple lighting though.

Now we got some dry ice at the start and half-hearted pyro towards the end. It helped, but still. At the very end a hologrammy eagle comes flying out. The fans applauded.

At the beginning there is some nifty camera shake effect, which adds something. They could do with more of it later.

(I am being taunted for my inability to see the genius of this one. Good job I am happy to sweem against the streeem)


Oh lord.

The choreography requires Hovig to balance on one leg quite a bit. He doesn't seem to have practiced too much.

There are Loic Nottet vibes in the moves here. If they get it right it's going to look amazing. But there is an awful lot of potential for off-balance wobbling.

Despite all the complicated footwork, Hovig is vocally very secure.

Getting better with each rehearsal, but still needs tightening up.


I'm not sure I'd have chosen a gold lamé suit to perform this song...

Lighting is in the winning combination of purple and yellow. Some images from the video of those people in their underwear.

Martina starts sitting on the edge of the stage, before getting up to walk along a yellow path. Not quite a brick road, but that idea.

Vocally this is very assured, but it really is just too dull to have any kind of impact.

Lunch consumed. Moldovan song still in my head. Ready for the next session!

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