Friday, 28 April 2017

On my way

Well that seems like a suitable enough, Eurovision 2017-related subject matter. I can't promise every post in the next couple of weeks will be equally on point.

But yes, I am Kiev-bound and ready to wriggle my way back into the rehearsal bubble for the first time since, erm, Vienna. And that really only feels like the other day. Was there a contest last year? Who won?

My mission is to bring you insightful and witty observations as the rehearsals start to unfold, and I'm already trying to think of a whole range of ways to say "the stage is blue": Hopefully I won't be out of ideas by Sunday tea time.

And should the history book on the shelf decide to repeat itself - as per the ancient Swedish proverb - there might be a haiku or two. But also there might not be. You'll just have to keep coming back to the blog to check.

But now, to misquote Mélanie René, it's time to fly.

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