Sunday, 8 May 2016

Day 7 - Sweden, France, Spain

Backing vocals/dancers are wearing the same outfits as in the first rehearsal while Barei is wearing a golden number with her trademark black and white high top sneakers. The stage goes dark when Barei has her 'fall' but we're so used to it now we don't bat an eye lid. Vocally not the best performer and not expecting too many points to be awarded but sure some will be gathered no doubt.

Camera work is still debateable and the split mirror image just needs to be binned. It might have worked in 1996 but in 2016 it really does not. Althoguh it is used in the Georgian song (#repeatedly), at least there it fits the song. Here there is no need for the effect. When will rtve learn?

Amir is still looking too alone on that big stage. We understand that he is looking for something and it makes sense that he is by himself but the song needs backing dancers and the cheeky smiley clapping that we saw in the preview video. The current set up is setting him up for another disappointing result for the French Republic. Vocally also it is still a bit shady. The high notes are not being hit, this could be due to him saving his voice, or rather, likely to be, but the whole performance unfortunately seems to have a missing element to it all. Will it be possible that France learns from this year (great song, not enough oomph) and last (medium song, too much oomph) and find the correct combination next time round?

Amir seems to be struggling finding the cameras and barely ever manages to look into them. Even the camera angles still seem 'not right'. The table around me would not be surprised if the song ends up on the right hand side of the board on Saturday.

Although unfocused, it appeard that Frans was clearing his nose when the first notes started. At least he made a bit of an effort withis outfit although it is exactly the same as that he wore when winning Melodifestivalen. This song has about as much appeal as a soggy biscuit. Even the gathered europress could hardly gather the strength for a mild-mannered clap. It will do well but we would prefer it didn't.

Second run-through and it is not getting any better - if anyone is sorry it should be us for ourselves. Måns is in interview room 2, which is much more interesting than what is happening on stage.

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