Sunday, 8 May 2016

Day 7 - Germany, Italy, United Kingdom

Much like the first rehearsal. Much mediocre as the first rehearsal. There is still part of me which is just waiting for Jake's guitar strap to break and see the guitar crash to the floor while he's bouncing up and down. The ending with Joe putting his arm around Jake just looks fake and over-rehearsed. It still gained an applause in the room but I think it's just because there are quite a number of British people here. It is completely forgettable performance and if it is placed between two good songs it will be likely bottom 10.

The microphone stand has more coloured ribbons than just blue and yellow as was seen in the first rehearsal. Francesca is no longer clad in the brown dungarees and white t-shirt but in a black number. Camea angles have changed as have some of the added screen graphics. The LED backdrop has had a few additions to it but nothing majorly different - mainly some outlines of fluffy clouds floating accross the sky.

In this rehearsal you see Francesca picking up the apple with the seedling growing out of it. I would personally avoid this since you can see Francesca concentrating on doing it without being able to see since she is looking into the camera which is straight on. I would say this is the one that will be top out of the direct finalists this year.  

Same as most other times it has been performed. The outfit is the same as was worn in the first rehearsal as are most of the camera angles. This is the best so far today and by a long shot. Vocally Jamie-Lee is still strong and the backing vocals are on the correct strength. It would predict it to be second out of the direct finalists but I am sure Europe has it in it to blind-side us. Good effort and hopefully should get a decent result. We will not be seing Germany last as we did in Vienna.

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