Friday, 6 May 2016

Day 5 - Estonia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro


Montenegro are now in their actual outfits. The random woman is on the satellite stage and is not wearing any trousers whatsoever. Which the camera captures really well by filming her from below right up between her legs. Thank god her panties aren't as sheer as Samra's outfits though.

The guys are dressed mostly in black. A lot of faux leather and lose-fitting stuff involved. But it's hard to get a good look at their outfits or even the faces of any of the people on stage, because the lights keep flashing really quickly (the UK broadcast will clearly need to tell viewers with epilepsy to turn he TV off) and the camera shots never really seem to focus on their faces long enough for them to make any eye contact with the viewers.


Samra is on her costume now. It's basically a white swimsuit with short sleeves. Reminds me a lot of the outfit Magdalena Tul was wearing for Poland in 2011. Except this one is about 50 % see-through. Or at least gives the illusion of being see-through. It even has a see-through bit right in the crotch. But we can't see anything there, so it's probably skin-coloured fabric covering it. It basically looks like she's wearing a slutty diaper.

The backing singers/dancers are in shades of white and gold. And Samra's vocals are all shades of off-key.
The may claim that she's still sick. But right now it's more or less on the Lisa Andreas end of the scale of bad singing.

Second run-through. And now she changed her outfit. It's a full-coverage skin-coloured catsuit with lots of glittery stripes. It basically looks as if she's naked with random lines of silver paint on her body. And it's looking a bit unfinished in the crotch-area, as if they attached a camel-toe on the outside of the costume.  Maybe lumpy fabric labia is a fashion trend in Azerbaijan, but I think it looks quite terrible.

The battle for the Barbara Dex Award victory is gonna be really tough this year.


Jüri is in his blue suit and the stage shows images inspired by cards (like, hearts and clubs and things). Again, he's all alone, the backing singers can be heard but not seen. It doesn't look bad, but it just makes it look very similar to a lot of other performances that also just has a solo singer alone on stage.

The magic card trick passes by quite quickly. If you blink, you'll miss it. Which I managed to do both times so far.

Vocally he sings it without any problems. The suit isn't very flattering, but he looks handsome and comes across as rather charming. But the performance just neither enhances or ruins the song. It's just there. So I suspect it's qualification chances will have to depend on the song itself.

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