Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Predicting Semi 1

Time for me to predict my qualifiers for this semi-final. I actually do find this one much easier to predict than the second semi-final, which I'll be struggling to write about in a couple of days time.

That said, there are a few songs where I'm really not confident about my prediction, partly because of the type of year it is. My instinct, for example, is that Moldova will be both unlikeably trashy and forgettable on first, but it might just stand out for being a bit fun in a year of overwhelming seriousness. There's also a few that I have no idea what to do with - Finland is one, and so are Serbia and Hungary. They really could go either way. And like last year's first semi-final, there could easily be one or two entries that effectively 'luck' into qualification.

1. Russia
2. Estonia
3. Georgia
4. Romania
5. Belgium
6. Greece
7. Finland
8. Netherlands
9. Denmark
10. Hungary

11. Armenia
12. Serbia
13. Belarus
14. Albania
15. Macedonia
16. Moldova

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