Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Poolside predicaciónage

Right, I've solved a few killer sudokus, read a few issues of Attitude (one had Chris Mears wearing not much at all - j'approve), trained my leg on the stairs in the sun, fought a beaver in the pool and now poured myself a little rosé, getting nearly ready for tonight's semi final. It's Eurovision today! But do I have a clue who's making it tonight? Well, yes and no.

I feel pretty confident about seven of them. And frankly, in any other random Eurovision semi, I could easily see the rest not qualifying at all. But unless the Austrians and/or Jon Ola are going to surprise us, there will be ten qualifiers, somehow...

So here we go - this is my prediction of the actual full ranking, which of course we won't know for sure how right I get until after the final, but hopefully I'll get as many of the ten right as possible. According to my track record, I tend to get eight or nine right (I don't think I've ever got all ten, actually - maybe once), so let's see who I'm getting wrong tonight!

The two that seem quite obvious, but are they too obvious...?
1 Russia
2 Estonia

Third places in semis are often where the random starts, so anything can happen from here on...
3 Belgium | It bloody better well be.
4 Greece | I've loved this all along, and felt a bit lonely in the process - it's been comforting to see others starting to approve more as rehearsals started.
5 Armenia | Controversial, loud, horrid, amazing.
6 Georgia
7 Romania | Message or not, simply a strong song that should make it comfortably, though I'm not expecting to sweep the scoreboard.

This is where it gets tricky... The rest really aren't qualifiers to me, they will just accidentally fall above the line
8 Serbia | My gut has said qualifier all along, but everyone else has had me doubting...
9 Albania | Whereas my gut always said non-qualifier here (despite growing to really like it), while it for some reason has been seen as somewhat safe, but rehearsal reports haven't been exactly promising... ÆÆÆÆ
10 Macedonia?!?

Welcome bye bye!
11 Finland | Should do average with juries, as I assume few will like it, but equally few will dare to put it properly low when they get their name attached to it. So it all comes down to what the televoters think... I'm leaning towards my instinct here - that the song is shit.
12 Denmark
13 Netherlands | Could do it for just being very competent, I guess...
14 Hungary
15 Moldova
16 Belarus

Have a great night, everyone!

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