Thursday, 14 May 2015

Day 4 rehearsals: IL, LV, AZ + IS

Last day of semi-final first rehearsals. After yesterday's sea of blue and dark let's hope for something a bit more cheery today. And if Israel can't deliver that, they're doomed for all eternity. So let's see...


Oh joy, we start with blue lighting!

Luckily once the song gets going, it becomes yellowy golden with some purple. Nadav is in a suit and golden shoes which have wings (didn't Jedward have them too?)

So he does look a bit angry, especially on the slow "mama" bits, but it is coming together. The dancing is somehow more Greek than Israeli, you rather expect an OPA! to come. The ending is really good, partly because he relaxes and gives us his cute smile and then the final shot is a polaroid pic of Nadav and his backing boys taken from above. Rather like the ones he posts on his Instagram with his selfie stick.

And talking of his backing boys. Hello!

We've had several instances of cameramen on screen here, running away not quite quickly enough. Easy to fix, but not a problem I've noticed at any of the other rehearsals this week.

He's smiling more on the final run and there was some pyro. This ought to be sailing into the final.


Now that's how to use the stage and backdrops! This looks really lovely, reds and whites, with Aminata in a red dress. Slightly thin vocals in the verse, but choruses work well with three backing vocalists adding some depth.

This is really looking great. Some excellent overhead shots, with nice floral-ish patterns on the floor. And the kind of church window effect on the backing wall does give the whole thing quite an ethereal and spiritual feel.

They're trying out various angles here, but they nearly all look good. Her dress (which may look strange on its own) also fits into the images in a lovely manner. Singing still good. This really should make the final, but it could just be a bit too offbeat for the masses.


Many furrowed brows around me. That was a bit underwhelming.

Great first how, with Elnur in silhouette and a full moon above him. Then *ta-dah* a topless male dancer is there and then a lady dancer joins and they gyrate around rather unnecessarily.

Particularly the first sight if the male dancer is very distracting. Elnur is singing well, and we are back to hidden backing vocalists after Israel and Latvia kindly had theirs on stage.

The only thing I can say for certain after this rehearsal is that we won't be going to Baku next year.

Actually the best bit is right at the end when, for no apparent reason, a dove flies across the graphic.


Well this has divided the press room. Some whooping and clapping and lots of "ouch my ears".

The stage does look great. Greens, blues and oranges in swirling a northern lights way. But the vocals were a tad shrill, shall we say. And she looked very little and lost on the first run.

Better second time. Still looking better than it's sounding. And I think this is the inspiration for the backdrops:

Still not working for me, she just comes across as angry and screechy. Also IT COULD HAVE BEEN FJAÐRIR.

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