Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Day 3 rehearsals: MT, NO, PT + CZ

Re-energised with a vegetable tartare sandwich (really), I'm ready for an afternoon of maritime nations: Malta, Norway, Portugal and, erm, Czech Republic.


Every song in the contest carries a special message. Amber does this with her powerful voice and vocal techniques, Amber takes the stage alone without the support of any backing vocals.

But enough of the press release kindly given to us. Her voice is indeed loud and she is wearing a black dress. Backdrop is quite lazy with lots of squiggles which turn into something resembling wings a la Conchita and a la Warrior Nina, First blue, then orange.

At the moment Warrior Nina is beating Warrior Amber in straight sets.

All a bit uninspiring really. But she is solid, albeit with the occasional slightly crazed look to camera.


We just had another "what is she wearing?" moment. Other than that this is basically the MGP performance but with live backing vocalists, one of whom was a little high in the mix on the first run.

Backing vocal sorted out. This is again competent. The "instrumental" part does seem a little long and we see our duo wandering about - I presume there will be dry ice there in the end,

The middle section is a problem. It is really quite boring and the walking about seems a bit without a purpose.

Still no sign of dry ice on the final run. Think they should probably stick to the steadicam during all that walking,


Another woman in black standing centre stage with predominantly blue lighting. This is getting boring. However, it was nice to have something with a bit of a beat. Leonor was fine, and even managed to create some excitement by breaking her mic stand (accidentally, alas, no rock'n'roll moment).

Backing singers in unnecessary big-rimmed Doce hats.

Leonor is singing fine and nails the key change. Another performance that is very similar to the national final.

There are some nice white lights towards the end and a wind machine helping Leonor get the hair out her eyes.


Another blue/black stage. Yay! Good vocals, Marta took her shoes off mid performance.

Oh, she took her shoes off again and threw them across the stage. It must actually be part of the performance. That's odd. Giant columny things and clouds on the backdrop, looks good.

The shoe removal is reminding me of the Moldovan hair removal last year.

But all in all, this is very solid and competent, which seem to be the words of today. Will have to work them into Haiku #3. 

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  1. About Norway, I don't know what do you see there guys but from the video released to the public it's nothing like their MGP performance