Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Day 3 rehearsals: LT, IE, SM + ME

Guten Morgen!

Slightly sore head this morning, free wine on last night's Danube cruise you know, Anyway. Looking forward to today which should give us some entertainment I think. First off will be the Lithuanian duo, who were also on said cruise last night but who possibly drunk slighty less of the wine.


Awww, it's just so happy!  Solid first run, even most of the camera angles seemed to be working. Some walking, some holding hands and of course the kiss!  Almost psychadelic backing wall, purples and yellows.

Also a couple of great overhead shots of them choreographing the "round and round and round" very literally.

It *is* cheesy (Vaidas' own description in fact), but in a very good way. Super cute and fun. So much so you kind of forget Monika's slightly odd dress.


Backing walls of a forest, golden yellows and autumnal. Some nice sweeping steadicam work but very introverted from Molly, eyes either closed or looking down at the piano. Although that does fit the mood of the song, I think a tiny bit of contact with the camera is needed.

We managed two glances at the camera in the second run-through. This is well staged, no nonsense and no jigging man with a bodhran to come and tell you THIS IS IRELAND.

Yep, some good looks down the camera now. A very fine rehearsal and the Irish should be pleased with this.


Well that was surprisingly dull. Another one to use a globe on the backdrop, although it was spinning the wrong way (Tom spotted that). Lots of orange candley lights initially, blue at the end.

This is boringly competent. I guess I was expecting something a bit silly and foolish. This is one of the songs I've barely listened to, and I'm surprised to find that I rather like it. Oh dear,

Some very nice camera shots, including one when they walk to the back of the stage. Slightly dodgy last note. But overall it does seem a bit underwhelming after the first two today.

Anita has an air of Paula Seling about her, and really looks like she's about to get the giggles as it dawns on her that the song is very silly indeed.


More dull competence and a funny little dance (Martin likened it to the Kloden drejer hop, old people will get the reference). The backing singers also do a lot of arm waving.

Reddy orange and black stage for the most part, with the backdrop looking a bit like lava.

I'm pretty sure that Ċ½eljko literally writes these in his sleep.

And so we're halfway through today. Time flies.

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