Friday, 2 May 2014

Time to get to Denmark!

The journey towards Copenhagen has begun. Although I won't arrive until tomorrow... First I am having a bit of a stopover in Stockholm. I must be one of the few delegates who will (partly) travel by ferry to Eurovision. You might wonder why? Well, even though the Ă…land Islands do have a proper airport, there are very few flights and they cost ridiculously much. So taking the 2-hour evening ferry for 2,5 euro is a much nicer alternative ;-) And then a flight tomorrow morning.

Tomorrrow I'll give you some reports from the backstage area where I will be spending a large part of the afternoon. 
I'm hoping the Irish rehearsal will go well. I was really happy with the little bit I saw if the first one. I love the backdrop, it reminds me of a vintage video game from the late 80s or so. You can almost see Super Mario jumping around across those cubes while avoiding falling into the sea :)
Anyway, it seems it's a thing people either love or hate, judging by reviews so far. Hoping some of the haters might be swayed over later :-)

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