Friday, 2 May 2014

We want to be yours! Oh..oh oh oh oh

And continuing for the last part of the evening - and we get to get woken up a bit by the lovely Suzy who wants to be ours! Well, she's not the usual cup of tea of the fan base but she can try I guess, stranger things have happened!

How many times has this been sung at the Eurocaf√©? How many Suzy shakes have we seen? Many people think this is a definite qualifier also. I beg to differ - but have been proven wrong on many-an-occasion. I wonder if Suzy will be asked about her being mugged in her hotel lobby! 

One thing one cannot but agree is that Suzy knows her audience. She has given Tijana a run for her money in sassyness and playing up to the tendancies of the present press. Even if one may not appreciate the song, one cannot but feel happy for her since you can see she is absolutely loving being here - which makes what happened to her earlier this week even a bit sader, but it seems she hasn't let it dampen her spirits. 

All in all this is a good song, vocals could be better and the routine is well... entertaining on tv but not sure Europe will be that entertained by it to give it a top 10, especially the juries.

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Not much has changed from the first rehearsal and that's a good thing - means it will hopefully keep on doing well. Eye contact with eachother and the camera is working great and the song really makes an impact by its simplicity coming after Portugal which kept you looking in 10 different directions in each frame. There is a total of 12 camera angles it seems however this is just the runs through and anything could change before the live show. Whatever they decide to do with the camera angles, the song works well and I do not see this needing much luck in order to qualify - if a song is strong in itself, people will recognise it and vote.

How could this fail to qualify? I doubt anyone actually thinks it will be possible for it to do badly. Sergej might not be the most attractive singer of the night and he might not really move around a lot but there is enough movement from the ice-skater which now at closer range looks like she is on very thin roller blades which look like silver skate knives. If I could find a fault (and it is hard to find) it would be that the backdrop would have been a bit darker since it seems to not fully fit - but it depends on which angle you look at it. Should it be the dark of the song or the colours of the message?

Do you think Montenegro will qualify for the first time as an independant nation? You know where to comment!

Another one of the favourites and another which doesn't disappoint. Cleanly performed and good camera angles. The chemistry between the three performers on stage is good and the message is quite nicely conveyed. This is quite a heat considering the topic of the song, finding a balance to convey the appeal to a Eurovision audience while giving the song the 'respect' it deserves and not make it fall into a possible theatrical farce is quite difficult but seems to have been achieved in this case. Another one which is more than likely to be seen on the night of the 10th.

Since we have the open rehearsals, as you probably are all aware you can view them online at the official Eurovision YouTube channel. Watch and let us know what you think!

That is it for today, we are now off for a bite to eat and some rest and relaxation in order to be able to perform well at  the karaoke tonight! Until tomorrow!

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