Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Semi 1 is over. Long live the semi

The time to blog is within reach again.
After a very casual and relaxed day in the apartment it is now time to actually do what I was assigned to do on this wonderful ESC trip to Copenhagen, namely write something that is worth reading and maybe even comment on. Since Tom write about the rehearsals (and do it so well) I have chosen to focus on what happens around the event itself, the parties and such.

We actually went to the first semifinal after scoring some late tickets and were seated in Lordisection on the top row among a bunch of other people wich was great fun to talk to and appreciate the show with. When the show started I must say I was blown away by the sheer size and amazing effects that has been put in to the stage here in Copenhagen.  A bird somewhere whispered that they were 42 million DKR over budget with the stage. 
Anyhoo... Our relationship with the Copenhagen bussystem still makes me both smile and cry a little. Of all the buses I have tried to catch, NONE has been on time and a few haven't even shown up so I am no longer relying on the phoneapp but just go to the busstop and wing it from there. As I sit in the press centre at the moment, getting to here was no problems. There will be a dressed rehearsal in about 20 minutes and Copenhagen had gone out of its way to get everyone to it with buses leaving all the time and with just a minute delay. Awesome. Even managed to get on the correct bus and actually got to be accompanied by the entire irish writingcrew (more or less). Nice bunch. 

What else... yeah, the ammount of selfies that are being taken here is nearing critical levels. I am actually thinking of starting to photobomb. Yes, I take them myself too, not the point, I wanna photobomb, that's the point. 

Soon time to enjoy the rehearsal so I have to go get some popcorn, chocolate and a big fat coke. See ya soon. :)

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