Wednesday, 7 May 2014

1st Dress Rehearsal - Semi Final 2 (Part 3)

Freaky Fortune and Risky Kidd also went to the beach. They put down a blue beach towel and collect shells in order to place them on top - forming the Greek banner. Nikolas then is lifted up by the other two in order to take the picture from above.

Nikolas is struggling on the vocals but the song allows for some errors of tone. Large cheer in the arena but a bit muted in the press hall. Qualifier.

Tinkara is in a library placing various books whose spine are in the white, blue and red colours. She then places a placard of the Slovenian coat of arms in the correct corner and takes the picture.

I still stand by my wild prediction of seeing Tinkara in the final. She has a good voice, good staging, reasonable odds on her side (only five need to be worse on the night) and she has not made any major mistakes from what we've seen of her. She is still in her blue frock and camera angles are working. Qualifying.

Our last song has an issue, there was no postcard to begin with and then the music started without either Paula or Ovi being aware (well, Ovi doesn't always know what's going on so that's not such a shock). After quite a bit of waiting we are back and we finally see the last postcard. Paula and Ovi are next to a lake and they are hooking up some items. Night falls and you realise that they had set up to light off fireworks into the sky. The fireworks are in the Romanian colours and a picture of the reflection of the colours on the lake water is taken.

Ovi didn't find his cue and missed the start of the song but after a slight hiccup got back into it. Paula is professional as always. She is saving herself for the giant note but does sing it well even though in a slightly lower key than we are used to. Another big applause in the arena while the press is lacklustre at best. Could this be the first time Romania does not qualify? If this does not find help and soon I would dare to say it might.

Lise comes on the screen in order to sell the CD and DVD again and then Nikolaj and Pilou remind us of the voting once more.

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