Saturday, 10 May 2014

It's nearly time!

It's Eurovision today!

I've been getting 8 qualifiers right in both semis, and my wild prediction of Belgium not qualifying - let's see how I'll fare tonight... This is what I think, with some comments to spice it up.

1 SWEDEN Still not at all sure about this, but I'm confident it'll do very well with both televoters and juries, which I can imagine might be enough - even if she doesn't win either.
2 NETHERLANDS I did a ridiculous tiny bet of the well-that's-clearly-not-going-to-happen-but-it's-a-very-good-song-and-its-odds-are-201 on this a few weeks ago. Who knew everyone else would follow suit? :-o
3 AZERBAIJAN Still my favourite of all 37, it's a wonderful breath of fresh air, and should do well even with a less than ideal draw. Assume it will get the usual amount of Azerbaijan televotes, as well as quite a bit of jury votes all across.
4 DENMARK Has plummeted down on oddschecker, but I'm not sure why... Is there something hideous happening in rehearsals that I've missed the reports on? If not, it still sounds like a bouncy, happy delight with a great draw to me.
5 AUSTRIA I actually put this in 5th already in my pre-rehearsal prediction, simply in lack of something else, but all of a sudden, it's starting to look likely. And I've always thought it was a very good song, so why not?
8 ARMENIA Did not come across at all as well in the semi as I expected - can't see this troubling the top, but should still do reasonably well.
10 SWITZERLAND Erk. Don't like it, didn't think it'd qualify, but it did work better than expected on stage. And it seems to be doing surprisingly well on various iTunes charts across Europe. Could there be something in the waters...?
12 SLOVENIA A risky guess, this. Could still easily end up last, really. Assuming it'd have to rely heavily on jury support to come anywhere near here.
14 NORWAY Quite sure Carl Espen isn't going to come anywhere near where he was expected to a few months ago, and wouldn't really be at all shocked if it went all Tooji, but it does still seem to have a certain support from some. Basically, I think it'll pass most by, but those that do like it seem to like it a lot.
15 SPAIN Could end up anywhere between 4th and 26th, really...
16 POLAND Similarly, nooo idea about these boobs and things. Glad it's in the final, though!
17 ITALY Such a good artist, and then she brings that rather nothingness of a song, and also seems to not be performing it particularly well. Could we see Italy get their worst ever result in placing, worsening Domenico Modugno's joint 17th in 1966? Pretty sure it'll get more points than he did, though.
18 MALTA I couldn't care less, so 18th it is.
19 RUSSIA Worked far better on stage than i expected, even if it was all rather ridiculous (GOD, the HAIR thing!), but still, it's a massive pile of nothing.
20 FINLAND It's solid and competent, as well as quite different to all the others, but somehow still doesn't really stand out.
22 BELARUS Yami's cheesecake was noms. This entry kinda was too, surprisingly. But it's all a bit like CHA CHA HEY last year - makes perfect sense as a qualifier, but who's going to vote for it once it's here?
24 UKRAINE I really have no faith in this at all. It might be because I think it's frightfully dull and uninteresting, and with a total nothing of a melody, though...
26 GERMANY Too obvious to actually come last, so surely it'll be 25th instead.

Have a ball tonight, boys and girls and kittens and cheesecakes! May the best or thereabouts win - and if that could be Netherlands, for instance... oktxbai

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