Saturday, 10 May 2014

And the final prediction for 2014!

So, with just over 15 minutes until the scheduled start of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, coming to your screens direct from the B&W Hallarne in Copenhagen, Denmark, I thought it may be appropriate to try and give my (as much as possible) unbiased opinion and thought about the placing of the countries in tonight's show. As history has proven time and time again, this is not my strongest point in the least and I normally manage to fair shockingly badly on this - maybe something to think about for your last minute bets! Whatever I write, make sure you bet against!

So, after nearly two full weeks of rehearsals, of technical failures, of late busses, of more rehearsals, utter joy and sad disappointment for semi-finalists, what have I learnt?

I might be wishful thinking here (not that it would make any difference to me since apparently Maastricht is already being mentioned as a location - which would mean not able to stay at home if it did). I do however think it a strong song and one cannot disregard the monumental shortening of the odds after the semi-final.

United Kingdom
Although many British members of the accredited press seem to be annoyed at the fact that Molly has been selected to close the show, I believe this may be a stroke of genius. Maybe if the Netherlands was in the first half it could have made all the difference but I still think a good second place for the Union Jack is quite credible.

I feel this entry may have been dismissed by some of the betting population. It also comes from a country which always has very strong showings in the contest - and it cannot be just due to some unproven less than savoury stunts by some of their supporters. This year they have an excellent song and something for people to really go after.

Another strong Eurovision nation and another good song. Tipped by the bookies to be the winner of tonight, I believe it may not make it that far - even though the betting odds have been quite accurate for the past few years. I am sure of a top 5 finish, and a very likely 4th place in my books.

And to close my top 5, Conchita Wurst will Rise like a Phoenix. Unfortunately I don't think that there will be enough votes coming from some of the more conservative nations tonight to be able to clinch the top spot however a top five showing is quite deserved.

Unfortunately I cannot show explain each of the 26 so the rest will just be placed in my predictive order.




San Marino

Naturally some very scientific conclusions as to the reasons why I placed some of these countries in the place that I have. We shall see how much Europe and myself agree in about three and a half hours.

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