Sunday, 27 April 2014

Predicting Copenhagen (4)

So, finally here in the capital of the great nation of Denmark and see that we're doing our wild! predictons. Hmm... what is it that I would consider a wild? Well, from my side I have two items which, even though personally I maybe would not agree with (well, at least one), I think will happen:

Israel to qualify but fail in the final.
Slovenia to do much better than expected.

Every year there is always one song which is so hyped by the masses of Eurovision fans that it is impossible to see it for what it is - an ok song without any oomph. Yes, once you listened to it 150 times it does sound like the best song going but really, go back to the first time your heard it, and pretend you're not a Eurovision fan and call it again.

Slovenia on the other hand I only mention due to one simple fact - a friend of mine who attended the preview party I held last year hated everything apart from Denmark. This year he hated everything apart from Slovenia... coincidence?! I believe not!

Oh well, only two weeks left to go before we find out what actually will happen. But I for one will be happy to go back to Ljubljana!

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