Sunday, 27 April 2014

Predicting Copenhagen (2)

I'm not travelling to Copenhagen either, so before Tom (our earliest reporter) arrives, I'll take Sam's encouragement and stick my neck out about something. I won't make any prediction on the semifinal threshold (that's impossible to predict anyhow), so I'll throw a couple of random darts at the final scoreboard itself:

- Greece will finish in the top 5.

- Russia and Ukraine will exchange points.

The former prediction is mostly due to the fact that the song already is a beacon of professionally produced Pop happiness in the more uptempo semifinal, let alone against the five million ballads that qualified from the other one. The latter is because, despite not really knowing the political situation there and how it might affect things, both songs have wide enough appeal in the region. And the region has mysterious ways.

There will be many surprises on the scoreboard, but I expect the winner to be something that was always going to happen and we just didn't want to believe it. As (almost) always.

And that's my neck stuck out, several times over!

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