Friday, 10 May 2013

The press centre is open!

Morning all! We've left the cinema seats behind - ESC Nation is now coming at you from the newly opened press centre next to the Arena

The usual security queues led to the usual complaints from the usual suspects, but we're in now and the place (a) is pretty sizeable - this isn't quite the full extent of the press working area:

(b) has funky illuminated trees:

and (c) has a nice comfy fan lounge area flanked by baffling wooden structures:

All of which adds up to a pretty nice area to work and rest for the next week! The EBU's press conference will be starting shortly at 11am - among other things, we can expect information on the new voting app, and possibly the provisional dates for the 2014 contest. There should be a live feed here, and we'll summarise all the key details for you afterwards!

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