Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday "morning" rehearsals - semi 1

We welcome you from the freshly opened press centre! It's rather massive, and looks swishy, but we have been experiencing some issues with getting on the wifi so far. A few of us can't get on it at all, for some reason, and as my computer is apparently too new to have an orifi for cable internet, a little bee has lent me his computer. So if there's weird spelling errors due to misplaced keys, you know why!

We've had three run-throughs of Slovenia, and even though the monitor sound in this part of the press centre is quite low, I'm hearing some rather shouty, dodgy notes here... No drastic changes to it visually, apart from the addition of sunglasses to the dancers. Y u cover up pwetty? :-(

All in all, this looks good, I think, but keep an eye (or ear?) out for the straight into LOOOAAARGGHH&%VE note...

Birgit is determined to have us believe this entry is even more oldfasioned than it already is, by keeping the black and white effect for the first verse. I don't think it works at all.

When the colours do come on, it's mostly in warm tones of yellow, that adds nicely to the performance - the warm, welcoming glow fits the song very well. You'd think it was doomed, being a generic ballad drawn as #2, but I think there's a fair chance they might actually qualify with this.

And we have fog! No frog, sadly.

Yami sitting next to me thinks the Austrian choreography is a bit static. It resembles a still butterfly. Or it might just have been the generic We are one-image on screen, and they forgot to turn on the picture. It's hard to tell.

This is actually my first impression of this, as I just missed on Monday. My first thought is that she has shiny trousers. And that the backing singers are standing in a circle like Tie-Break or an inverted Tommy Seebach Band. Not very good omens there...

Condom lamps are down on the stage in the first part of the song, in light blue. Gives the stage (which is predominantly purple) a cold, stylish feel, and the contrast of that to the much warmer glow when the condoms disappear works nicely, I find. There's not much wrong with this, and should've been in with a shout of qualifying, especially had it been from a country with more friends, but it's just a bit... there.

This one got off to a bit of a slow start... The Emporia stage is set with lots of children and people in general, and there are some shots of Jon Ola Sand and Christer Björkman looking hungry and confused, but unable to get a table due to the sheer busyness.

It takes a while to get going, but when it does, oh my, it has DUCKS, in a soy-based sauce. Omnomnom.

The stage is looking lovely for this, with a starry sky in the back, and bright red encircling the stage. The song is also sounding lovely, and they sing it well, but... Hmmm. I've been convinced this is an easy qualifier for months, but not so sure anymore. There's nothing wrong with it per se, maybe apart from some of the interaction (both with the cameras and each other) being a bit uncomfortable, but it somehow seems a bit out of place, and not in the good way... A shame, really.

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  1. Love the lunch review. Odds must be shortening. The ONLY rehearsal to get an "Omnomnom"-review so far.

    Arvid ;)