Saturday, 5 May 2018

Favourite rundown

Now that I've seen them all, here's what I think of the current top 6 favourites to win's changes:

1. Israel

This drifted after the first rehearsal by doing exactly what should be done in a first rehearsal and shortened after the second rehearsal by doing exactly what should be done in a second rehearsal. People are weird. I don't think the colour mix (orange/pink dress and red background) is ideal, but the cameras give plenty of attention to the best asset of this entry: Netta's expressions. Right now it feels that its bookie position is justified, but we'll know better on Tuesday.

2. Norway

There seems to be a buzz around here for this song (and for him), and he's doing everything right so far, assuming he'll beat the cold by then. But will the professional juries, many of them songwriters, appreciate being told how to do their job?

3. Estonia

This really improved for me watching the rehearsal (I'm not sure what they're doing different, it's the same dress) and the ESC Nation team has been humming it all over the narrow alleys of Alfama. But I mustn't forget the first impression of the song, and it's not boding well for it.

4. Czech Republic

There seems to be a new and stronger than ever buzz around this, under the assumption that he'll defy his doctor's orders and give his best in the final. I still think the routine is a bit messy and the song a bit too weak to make it though.

5. France

This combines what the last two winners had: The sad-happy song with a modern club backing track of 1944, and Salvador's clever use of the audience for the full effect. Plus a really, really good song. I fear that Émilie's charisma isn't big enough to win this, especially when she's up against someone like Netta.

6. Cyprus

OK, they're doing the best out of that song and voice, but it's still that song and that voice. Winner? Really? Are people new?

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