Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Day 4 of first rehearsals - Slovenia and Ukraine


A giant beetle with ladder legs combined with a piano and stairs on fire! Mélovin is raised out of the beetle part it in the beginning. Quite different, visually, it stands out. The song is not strong enough for me though, and all the props take away focus from the few good parts that are there.

Ukrainian blueprint for piano construction, Ukrainian inside information.


Slovenia gave us some Allsång (sing a long) after about half of the first run, when the music suddenly stopped. Lea really wanted to keep singing and she did it well! The stage is pink, blue and purple, which suits the outfits in silver slitter and black. All in all a positive impression. 

Second run through - the sudden stop of music was supposed to be there... a new approach to vote fishing?! I'm not as positive anymore. I hope it doesn't work.

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