Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fishy Semi 2 Prediction

My semi 1 prediction wasn't exactly spot on - can't remember getting less than 8/10 in any of the two-semi-years actually (though I may have just repressed the memory), but hey ho. At least I wasn't really shocked by any of the qualifiers I missed - Moldova, Poland and Australia were 11th, 12th and 13th in my predicted ranking.

Like most, I was surprised to see Finland missing out, but the ROBBED one was rather Georgia, imo - they nailed it all the way down to the WHOMP PYRO. And of course fantabulous Albania, but that was more expected. I think it might be the first time since 2005 my overall favourite isn't in the final. 😔

Either way, upwards and onwards! A little sprinkling of rain in Syden right now (RUDE), so a good time to scribble down some thoughts about tonight's semi. Semi 1 was hard to predict as it had about 13 likely qualifiers, whereas this one is hard for the opposite reason - it feels like it only has seven or so... But let's get on with it - I need to go stock up on rosé soon!

1 Bulgaria | Took me a while to get into this, but televoters and jury members are always much quicker than me to pick up on the growers. Professional, current, charming - and of course actually good.
2 Estonia | Oldfashioned and clichéed schlager nonsense, but with a cracking melody and an interesting structure that keeps you interested all through. I like it a lottle.
3 Netherlands | No idea what televoters will make of this piece of calculated 💩, but I assume the juries will love it enough to not just secure qualification, but a good placing too.
4 Belarus | No idea what juries will make of this piece of charming 🌈, but I assume the televoters will love it enough to not just secure qualification, but a good placing too.
5 Romania | My initial love for this has worn off a bit, but it's still very 'colour tv' that stands out in this bunch.
6 Hungary | No idea what to make of this... Presumably many will shrug and move on, but it's also bound to have a certain amount of fans, it's good at what it's doing.
7 Norway | Rehearsal reports suggests it comes across as 'competent' (i.e. 'dull'), but I think the song itself is strong enough it should make it. Possibly mainly thanks to juries.
8 Malta | And speaking of juries... Have had no faith in this before, despite loving it, but surely something has to qualify...? Also: YAY.
9 Denmark | 🤢
10 Israel | Not much of a song, not much of a singer... He pwetty though!

11 Macedonia | The clips I've seen of this look better than I expected and what most bloggers seem to think, so who knows?
12 Ireland | KEYCHANGE OVER A HILL. Would love this to make it!
13 Austria | Will his cuteness and charm be enough to make it from spot #2? If he'd brought a better song too I think he'd make it, but it's just that tiny bit too dull and non-descript when followed by 16 others.
14 Serbia | Speaking of dull and non-descript...
15 Croatia | I wish they'd gone all in, drowning it in 🧀, à la Jacques Gratinée. From what I've seen it just comes across as a bit too serious for its own good. Diet Jacques, if you will.
16 Switzerland | It's average, it's yellow, it's Switzerland. I'll be pretty impressed (or do I mean annoyed...?) if this escapes bottom 3.
17 Lithuania | Surely the worst song this year. It probably has at least 20 points secured in the televote since Ireland and Norway are voting tonight, but will that be enough to keep them away from last?
18 San Marino | lolz

Have a great evening, everyone! 

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