Saturday, 6 May 2017

Day 7 - 2nd Run Through : BUL / LTU / EST / ISR


The high notes are still one of the few things IMRI is not able to do. Look good in absolutely anything - check, dance - check, break hearts - check, sing most of his song - check, but high notes - no check there. Shame really since that is what people will remember, and not the majority of the stuff he does well. We need to also check what reprise IBA will choose but if they don't get this right, it could possibly be that Israel does not qualify. It is borderline at the best of times, but in this semi you need to be vocally spot on in order to be sure of a place on Saturday.

2nd Run - All that we can concentrate on now are those bad high notes. Even though the rest is not terrible - it's not a masterpiece of Eurovision art but it's not a disaster in the making - the bad notes are all that we can hear. There is a battle brewing and the strom clouds are coming in!

3rd Run - Not even pyro is helping this. Yes, I have written it. Pyro has not actually saved the day. I feel dirty and need a shower after that. IMRI is smiling but you can tell on his face he is not happy. Did he not know earlier he cannot reach the notes he's trying?


Koit's wearing a different jacket than on Tuesday while Laura seems to be in the same frock. The two are singing well and are matching eachothers' melody quite nicely. They are also finding the camera's which is an improvement but Koit is still quite robotic in his acting. It's not too distracting however and we can live with it. The two are making more of an effort after they find themselves (in Verona) to look more like a couple rather than two people who just bumped in the street. Unlikely to stay in the semi.

2nd Run - The camera didn't find Laura in the beginning. Great start! Other than that though, all fell back into place and another great rendition of a wonderful song and a good stage show.

3rd Run - Another good performance. People are still giggling at Koit's acting but I think now it's more their issue than his. He's not laughably terrible, just a bit stiff. If you see the people who are laughing I very much doubt they would be any better.


Everything is exactly the same as the first rehearsal. Dresses, cameras and lighting. Also the feelings that get produced when listening to this song. Everything is exactly the same. I know some people actually like this, but even though Lithuania has many times been the country that I got wrong - when I thought it would fail it qualifies, when I thought it would qualify (due to being wrong before) then it fails ... - but this year I cannot see this having a hope of getting through which is a sad thing especially when they had such a long selection process and had a couple of decent choices available in it. Oh well, you reap what you sow I guess.

2nd Run - It happened. It ended. We applauded (internally).

3rd Run - I apologise, nature called, I answered. I've been told not much has been missed however.


Kristian changed the white oversized t-shirt which he wore on the first rehearsal with, well, something we can't see. All we know is that the white is not showing any more. Forgetting the hype that has been created around this entry, although the singing is very good, the staging and camera work is not giving chills. Kristian being on stage by himself just seems to make the song lose something. A few dancers or elements from the music video would have gone down well but this just appears to be a nice song with a flat presentation. Could this be losing the "top of region" spot?

2nd Run - A couple of changes have been made and they seem to work better but it's not suddenly become a super attention grabber. Bulgaria will not need to worry about qualifying but I doubt it be giving a real run for top place come Saturday. A strong top 5 contender however.

3rd Run - And this was much of the same. You'll see the clip online - let us know what you think.

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