Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Day 3 - DEN-IRE

So that's it for today. But a word on the on-screen graphics, which we've had some glimpses of.

Very clear font and easy to read, with the country name in GIANT capitals, but song title etc also clear. Whereas in Stockholm last year they appeared more in the middle of the screen (IIRC), we now have a more traditional bottom right placement.


They have a hot air balloon. He's trying to fly?

Vocally adequate. He stands on a podium which is the basket of said hot air balloon, It's an interesting visual but doesn't develop. You are waiting for it to take off.

Hidden backing singers sound good.

It's all very black and red. There's sort of a mountainscape or moonscape or something behind him, but like a line drawing, not actual mountains or moons or anything. It needs lightening up.

The basic idea here is fine, but after the initial "oooh" at the balloon you're left waiting for something to happen (will he take off? will the backing singers appear in their own balloons?) and nothing does. The only thing is a wind machine wafting at his shirt with the bottom button undone, revealing some pale Irish tummy.


I am bored of competent people all alone on stage.

Singing well, but it's a bit of a visual bore. She wanders about it and then does an Anna Vissi towards the end, on her knees thumping the floor.

And let's hope what she is wearing won't be her final outfit.

Pyro curtain!

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