Sunday, 1 May 2016

Countdown to the first rehearsals

So. Eurovision is back once again! \o/ And I'll be there to blog and keep you updated on what's happening during the rehearsals and other events. Who am I? I'm a representative from the Antarctic Eurovision Delegation and I'm here to convince the EBU to let us participate next year. No, not really. Those of you who are regular visitors of this website most likely already know me, and those of you who don't will hopefully be able to enjoy my reports and thoughts in this blog anyway.

During the upcoming rehearsals I'll try to give as much of an accurate description of possible of what's going on on the stage, combined with some personal reflections and opinions.
What I won't do is make a lot of predictions. Because whether I think an entry will qualify or not is after all quite irrelevant (and a lot of times it'll probably also be completely wrong). So instead I'll try to give you all the information I can about each rehearsal so that you'll be able to form your own opinion. But as we get closer to the shows, a small prediction or two might sneak through as well...

Now. Tomorrow we'll see the first half of the first semi-final rehearse. If all goes as planned, at least one member of this blog will be there from the very start. So keep checking out this website throughout the day for live updates from the press centre.

We'll also be very active on our Instagram account @EscNation where there'll be all sorts of photos, as well as our Twitter account with the same name. So don't forget to follow us if you want the latest tidbits. And last but definitely not least there's our youtube channel ESCNation TV where there'll be plenty of stuff for you to watch.

Have a happy Eurovision everyone!

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