Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 2 rehearsals: RS, HU, BY + RU

And we're off!


Big hair! Or rather, wild hair. For the first time we see Bojana without one of those turban thingies (technical term). This is just what you'd expect. Camp - with our singer wearing the main tent.

Roger never lies. This performance is no beauty. The backing singers start dressed in white, with a faint hint of Klu Klux Klan, and then when the beat kicks in they strip off to reveal something that Moje 3 wouldn't even have worn.

Oh, it's a hot mess. But hugely entertaining.


Ok, so I can't stand this song, but it is performed pretty well. The backdrop starts slightly oddly with a tree made of guns (!) but then at the end it becomes a normal tree in a shockingly green field and it's all beautifual and the world is lovely and such forth,

There really is not a lot to say. Boggie's vocals are a little bit struggling on the low bits in the first verse but other than that it's the performance you'd expect, especially if you've seen her perform it before. So yep. Rehearsals for nothing,


The only thing resembling thunder in the first run through was Maimuna's face.

It is all a bit underwhelming. He stands there and sings, she stands there and fiddles. A bit of dry ice this time, but yeah. It lacks something.

The backdrop starts with a red heartbeat 'pulse' and then turns into white flashy things which I suppose are meant to be lightning. Predominantly red and black though, turning to blue by the end.


Quite surprised with the presence of a couple of guitarists and a drummer on stage. Polina in fine voice, some great use of the screens, white light pulsating everywhere. Probably, no, definitely the best first run-through we've had.

Yep, this is more than solid. Would be very strange if it doesn't win the semi.

God, I've even started to actually like it. Help!

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