Sunday, 10 May 2015

Badges, bag and goodies!

A short walk from base camp for the next two weeks is the Wiener Stadthalle, mecca for homos Eurovision Fans from across the globe. 

Before the rushing and dashing which will certainly not be in short supply tomorrow, we went to get the badge sorted in order to not have too much hassle in the morning. It seems it was a good idea:

It appears that many of the photos submitted have not made it to the Accreditation Centre's system. The volunteers will therefore take a picture of you should you be included in this group. Ensure to take heed of this should you want to go and pick up your badge moments after landing from intercontinental flights or have forgotten to shave for a period of time not long enough for it to be seen as a kept facial statement but too long for it to be a sexy stubble. Still, some people don't mind this look on them, some of them also film a music video in this state, ironically saying there was only one thing they should have done ... I would beg to differ - razor in hand - on this 'one' thing but we hope we have time to bring this up with the person involved in due course.

For those who travelled with the masses to Copenhagen last year, friends, the suffering is over! The venue is surrounded (well, has many around) by restaurants and different eateries to choose from. Secretly I will miss the chicken pasta with green pesto though, that kept us going through many a drama.
In regards to this already famous bag - it really does have waaaay (yes, it is spelled like that when it needs to be) too much stuff! Thankfully some of it is edible but if you really want to take this back with you, ensure you don't have too much weight outbound. Also, the bag itself is really quite small (it is already full when given out) so grab another bag if you're still on your way to Vienna. You can then use this other bag as a second carry-on instead. Check with your airline's policy however before flying in order to confirm if two carry-on bags are allowed. ESC Nation does not accept any responsibility for your misinterpretation of the rules.

So what is left to do today? Preparation for tomorrow obviously, but also eat, relax, save and recharge the batteries: we all know how this goes - it's a twisted game we put ourselves through annually. This battle year after year to survive the two weeks is quite a feat. Websites against  Websites for quickest and best content, F-accredited individuals running after delegations to try and get promotional items, delegations and artists hoping for original questions to pop up in interviews and the question on everyone's lips: What will Valentina Monetta be singing when she is shown on tv to announce the result of the Sammarinese vote? Sources say she has been living in London now for a while. Could this be to improve her English in order to not become a second Belén?

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