Thursday, 8 May 2014

Miracle if it qualifies?

It seems like many of us here has managed 8/10 from last Tuesday's show and we seem to be unanimous in thinking tonight is even a greater task to handle. Having spent so much time in Eurovision central I have had many changes of opinion and if trying to form realistic opinions on the dress rehearsal wasn't strenuous enough, this definitely beats it!

This semi-final is quite a mind-puzzler. My main issue is that even though Romania is seen as a known qualifier, it has happened before that perennial qualifiers fell. This happened to two nations in the year 2011 when both Turkey and Armenia failed to qualify in Düsseldorf. No one had thought this possible but there it was! Could this be the year Romania gets punished for sending a mediocre-at-best performance which seems to be stuck together by every gimmick you could think of and just shoved on a stage with a deer-in-headlights looking lead? On the other hand, do I take the risk and miss out on them qualifying even though my head says it must?

So, since this must be done and time is of the essence, here is my haphazard guess and how I believe Europe will be persuaded tonight:

Lithuania - they have UK, Ireland, Poland and Georgia in their semi, they must make it.

And there you have it, doomed them again I have! Such a hard semi to predict. I have thought of every-possible country qualifying and also of them not. Norway was my last entry since I see this as possibly failing but then again I think it will be saved. Televoting lovelies like Poland and Lithuania should find their flag shown at the end of the show. I still am doubtful of Romania but need to stick to my instinct and even though I most probably am wrong, I don't know which of the 10 up there to remove in order to accommodate it. Switzerland is also a candidate, maybe it and Belarus or it and Norway will switch places... Now enough! Stop typing and start getting ready!

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