Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Bisexual Triangle Lovestory

Once there was a little boy called Farid. He had a voice of gold and bushy eyebrows. But what he loved more than Everything in the world was his boyfriend. They were happy together, but Farid loved him perhaps a little bit too much. He was constantly worrying about losing him to the temptations of the outside world. So day after day he began to hold him tighter and started to try to control his every movement, to make sure that he wouldn't lose him.

Time passed, and his boyfriend began to feel as if he was trapped in a cage. (Or a glassbox). But all he knew was Farid and their great love for each other. Until one day, when a mysterious sensual woman in red came along and knocked on their door. And unfortunately for Farid, his boyfriend immediately fell in love with her.

For a while both Farid and the Red Woman fought over the boy they both wanted. But for Farid boyfriend, the Red Woman represented freedom, so he chose the sensual female mystery over his old love. They kicked Farid out of the house and he had to wander the the world alone and heartbroken.

I *think* that is what the Azerbaijani performance is trying to say